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Aquarium Club of Edmonton

We are a group of Aquarium geeks that meet once a month to share aquarium keeping knowledge in all its facets; from collecting, breeding and keeping, but mostly enjoying.

We organize twice yearly auctions and frequently have experienced speakers from around the world.

Welcome to the

Aquarium Club of Edmonton

In 1986, the Aquarium Club of Edmonton was established to promote the Aquarium Hobby in the Edmonton Area. Membership has steadily grown over the years to include members with diverse interests in fresh & saltwater aquariums, paludariums, terrariums as well as water garden enthusiasts. Everyone is always welcome to attend and take part in this fascinating hobby.


Life Fish, Plants, Dry Goods, …

Our auctions are always a blast. You’ll find great deals on aquarium inhabitants and aquarium related equipment. There will be awesome door prizes, a concession and raffle.
The general public is welcome to attend. There are no admission fees. To sell items, a membership is required.

Monthly Meetings

Lectures, Raffles, Information

For our ACE montly meetings is no membership required. Guest speakers provide informative and helpful presentations. Topics include husbandry, new developments in the hobby, specific groups of fish and more. We do the monthly raffle. Items include live fish, live plantsfood, nets, tanks, heaters and many other aquarium related things.


Aqua Babble

Our newsletter Aqua Babble is published monthly and mailed out to members. It contains articles by our members, as well as reprinted articles from other clubs’ journals. These articles deal with all aspects of the aquarium hobby. It also contains editorials contributed by our members and a free buy-sell section.


Aquariums for Schools

The Aquarium Club of Edmonton and other such societies have been a part of the Edmonton area since the 1950’s. Aquarists’ have gathered to share their passion for the keeping of fish. It is because of this passion that the “Aquariums for Schools” program was developed; it began as a thought…

Upcoming Events of Aquarium Club of Edmonton


Get In Touch

Aquarium Club of Edmonton

We are a group of dedicated aquarist with a great deal of experience. If you have questions- join us for a meeting we are sure to help.


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Aquarium club of Edmonton

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